Joken and Delphi Commands

Joken and Delphi’s commands work by parsing the sentence to see if it contains a matching phrase. Here is a list of phrases and what they do!

“please listen” or “Shut up”
Stops the AI from currently talking/acting, then clears the recent history buffer and surpresses history vectors. This does not “Reset” the AI. It only causes it to focus on what you are going to say next to it without prior context.

“a joke” or “a one liner”
Causes the AI to respond with a random ‘one-liner’ from it’s list of automated responses.

“grab this”, “pick up”, or “take this”
Sends a left click and hold event to the AI’s center of vision. (grabs and object, but also activates UI elements) Disabled while in public.

“release”, “let go”, or “drop”
Releases the left click and hold event. (drops a grabbed object)

“throw”, “toss”, or “yeet”
Sends a right click and hold event for 3 seconds. (Throws an object)

“a dance”, “another dance”, or “you dance”
Triggers a random animation on the AI’s avatar, may not always be a dance.

“search For ․․․”
Search youtube for the following text, and play audio.

“stop Youtube”
Stop the currently playing youtube audio.

“retry youtube”
Retry playing the last downloaded youtube file.

“a song”, “another song”, or “you sing”
Triggers a random song for the AI to sing from the songs folder.

“Stop Singing”
Stops singing.

“sing the song ․․․”
Take the following text and match it a specific song in Joken's singing library, and sing it.
Here's a list of songs

“a sound” or “another sound”
Triggers a random sound effect from the AI’s sounds folder.

“the sound ․․․”
Try match the following text to a sound effect and play it.

“Stop Sound”
Stops sound effects.

“a track” or “another track”
Triggers a random track from the AI’s music folder. (Meant to be different from songs with your AI’s voice.)

“Stop Track”
Stops the currently playing track

How to Help!

We're always happy to have people to help. There's a lot of work to be done, and most of it right now is done by myself. All we can ask for right now is volunteers to help with improving Joken's software, avatar, etc.

Here's a list of ways you can help

How to find Joken!

Joken is always online, and acceps friend requests from trusted users!
Joken's VRChat Profile

You can usually find her in either the AICom store, or in the official Great Pug instances!

How to talk to Joken: